Prep work in progress!

Tired of eating out all of time due to the extra space in my wallet and lack of space in my jeans, I decided to start cooking more. As I started to find recipes and try my hand at some meals, I’ve really started to enjoy cooking. I find it to be a mission of sorts – finding a delicious (and at least semi-healthy!) recipe and customizing it to strike my fancy!

I will be using this space to share some favorite recipes I’ve found, and keep track of some new recipes that I’d like to try!  I am very open to trying all kinds of food, and I look forward to having many options in my cooking repertoire.


About eganita eats

Current top interests: sports, cooking, video games, music, and running!
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2 Responses to Prep work in progress!

  1. Theorbo says:

    This looks like a very promising blog! I can’t wait to hear about your adventures in cooking and eating! Thanks for your willingness to share those escapades with the world!

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