Pulled Pork Side Dishes — “Red” Slaw & Roasted Veggies

I made a batch of pulled pork the other day. While just the pork and bun alone were tasty (yesterday’s lunch), I wanted to upgrade by making a few complementary side dishes! I thought my addition of coleslaw and roasted vegetables (today’s lunch) made a great meal!

I learned something new, too. In North Carolina, “white” slaw refers to mayo based coleslaw (ICK!!!) and “red” slaw refers to vinegar-based coleslaw (YUM!!!) which is nicely paired with BBQ flavor!

Bonus — both of these side dishes (and the main dish as well, for that matter!) are very easy to make! Here are the recipes (I’m also trying out a new format!):

North Carolina Red Barbecue Slaw

Original Recipe Eganita Adjustment
Green Cabbage 1 large (chopped or shredded up) 5 cups of shredded cabbage/carrot mix (I bought Giant Eagle brand, which was right by the other lettuce, spinach, etc, mixes). I read online that a full cabbage head is about 8-10 cups, so I attempted to half the recipe based on that
Green Pepper 1 large (chopped pretty fine) 1/2 large (chopped pretty fine)
Tomatoes 2 or 3 (chopped fine) 2 plum (diced)
Sugar 1 TBS 1.5 teaspoons (there are 3 teaspoons in one tablespoon, apparently!)
Salt 1 TBS 1.5 teaspoons
Vinegar 1/2 cup About 3/8 cup of apple cider variety. I started with 1/4 cup and the slaw seemed a bit dry, so I added an additional 1/8 cup or so.
Hot Sauce start with 1 tsp and add to desired hot level 1.5-2 teaspoons or so

Source: North Carolina Red Barbecue Slaw

Roasted Vegetables (my own creation!)

1/2 red pepper (cut into strips)
1/2 green pepper (cut into strips)
1/2 red onion (cut into strips)
5-8 small red potatoes (chopped into about 8 pieces each. I find they cook better when cut smaller)
A few handfuls of baby carrots (I am too lazy to chop regular-sized carrots, I guess)
3 fairly large garlic cloves (I chopped them into roughly 12 pieces so I could evenly distribute them throughout the dish)
A few tablespoons of olive oil (quantity may vary depending on your preferences)
A few tablespoons of balsamic vinegar (quantity may vary depending on your preferences)
1 teaspoon or so of  rosemary (definitely optional; I’ve made this dish successfully before without this ingredient).
1) Drizzle approximately 1 tablespoon of olive oil into a large roasting pan (I buy the disposable ones from the grocery store but normally use them at least a few times)
2) Add potatoes and carrots into roasting pan. Drizzle 1-2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar and an additional bit of olive oil over top of them. Bake for 45-60 minutes on 400 degrees uncovered, until the potatoes are a bit softened.
3) Add peppers, onions,  garlic, and rosemary to the mixture. Add an additional 1-2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar and a bit of olive oil.
4) Bake in 15 minute increments until peppers/onions are caramelized and potatoes are sufficiently soft. I typically will cook them an additional 30-45 minutes and may add additional balsamic vinegar if the vegetables are looking dry.

Source: my brain

Roasting pans are awesome! I’ve had quite a bit of success with variations of this recipe, so it would be hard to go wrong with any combination of tasty vegetables, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and a roasting pan!

One thing that’s quite important — adding the peppers, onions, and garlic towards the end. Potatoes and carrots take quite a bit longer to cook, so it works out best to give these some time to soften on their own.  If you start them all at the same time, you’ll end up with hard potatoes or overcooked peppers!

Today’s lunch (it would look a little classier if I had a “real” plate instead of this floral paper one…):


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4 Responses to Pulled Pork Side Dishes — “Red” Slaw & Roasted Veggies

  1. Lauren says:

    That looks super tasty – even with the paper plate!

  2. theorbo says:

    hi. i made the red slaw tonight and it’s so good. thanks for introducing me to it!

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